As mentioned before we planned to charge our T3 with a Type 2 CCS (combined charging system) inlet. So far we just charged the van through an industrial plug of type CEE32 400V, which was ‘hanging out’ of the back of the car somewhere… It was very inconvenient to plug in and out and it was only a temporary solution.
Hence I had to create a mechanical fixture somewhere in the car and also design a cover which would protect the inlet from rain and dirt. After trying out some options (Marc event went to cut out some gas inlet lids of old cars), I decided to use the original gasoline inlet.



There it was possible to have a very nice integration and to prevent the original look and feel of the Volkswagen design. A door-like piece was drawn in CAD which was then printed by a friend on the 3D printer with ABS plastic. The whole thing was printed in one piece and it can not be disassembled. It was designed that we could integrate a push-to-open thing from a kitchen cupboard.

2015-08-23 14.04.50