Battery work continued…

We are still working on the two battery packs that will go on the underside of the car. A little bit behind schedule! It was planned to finish this task in april, but the devil is in the details! These two boxes will each hold 42 cells (of 120 total) which leaves 36 cells to be packed somewhere in the back of the car. Challenging was to add spacing elements to get the cells to exactly the desired height. We put many rubber layers between the groups to absorb oscillations and shocks when the car is on the road. Time consuming as well is the mechanical fixation of the battery service disconnect plug and the dc power connector plug. Everything needs to be watertight as these boxes will be hanging below the car directly above the road!

But now they are almost finished! We are waiting for some more parts of the battery management system that read the measured cell voltages and communicate these to the master unit.

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