Drive train work

We are planning to use the original gearbox. This leads us to the question how to connect the new electric motor with the vintage Volkswagen gear? We will need two parts: A flange to screw the two parts together. Luckily Frank who did the inspiring and fantastic conversion of the E-Bulli (a Volkswagen Transporter T2), we could build up on technical drawings for the flange and gearbox. In this place a big thank you to Frankie, the very patient ‘technical consultant’ of this project!

And secondly we will need a shaft with proper toothing on both ends, one end with Brusa Motor toothing and the other with Volkswagen gear toothing. As cutting the toothing is a science by itself we will just prepare the raw shaft and give the piece to an expert. After teeth are cut the steel must additionally be hardened. More infos and photos on this later…

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