Making of the «AC-Box»

One later goal of the E-Syncro project is the supply of mobile power. Therefore we organized an inverter to create 230V AC off the 400V DC battery. Nicely the company Power-One offered us a very good deal for their inverter. It is a product designed for the american grid (split-phase 2x120V) but it can be used as single phase 240V @ 50Hz. It works with exactly the required battery voltage from 240 up to 430 volts and supplies power up to 6kW. Here I present to you the first part of the making of. The reason why the box was built before finishing the bus is that we need the AC-Box for our yearly festival ‘Openair Hohen Rätien’ in the swiss alps! There we will power the bar, fridges and lights and amps with the AC-BOX!

A short technical explanation: The AC-Box should be portable ‘plug-and-play’ solution. So the idea was to put it into a standalone box and the only connection to the car (containing the battery) should be the high voltage connection. The water cooling, wiring, fuses and AC output plugs should all be put into that box. Therefore a water pump, heat exchanger and expansion volume needed to be put into that cooling circuit. Temporarily I used the expansion tank from the Syncro (the part with the blue lid).

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