Making progress

After a lot of preparation finally a lot of stuff could be done today! The goal was to put the underbody batteries up and see if now everything fits. Last time I realised that the dc power connectors of the boxes were mounted too high so that it was not possible to connect a power cable to it. This led to about one full day of corrective action. But now every thing fits fine. With the kind help of Jere we put up the underbody battery boxes this afternoon. They are attached to the chassis frame with six 12.9 (stronger steel) threaded rods each.

Behind the battery boxes the motor and gear unit are placed. With my recently aquired welding skills I welded the motor support out of a steel square tube. It is screwed to the chassis frame where the original motor support also was located. This should garantee enough stability.

Another construction site is the electronics rack. It will be mounted in the old gasoline tank compartment. We will place there all power electronics like motor inverter, charger, dcdc and additionally the power distribution unit. It seems like everything will fit in, but here also it is a task of millimeters… On the pictures you can see that there is not much space remaining between the devices (inverter and charger are screwed on the rack for testing). It always has to be taken into account that the connecting power and signal cables and plugs take a lot of space as well!

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