Power electronics

Some stuff happened since beginning of August… Marc was here for a week and together we started the construction of the steel frames which will hold the power electronics. Marc also put the drive shafts back together after cleaning them and applying new paint. For the Brusa power electronic parts, which are motor inverter (DMC524), charger (NLG644) and dcdc (BSC624) we need to construct adapter frames to hold them in position. The gear, motor and the third battery box take all the room of the original engine bay. The only remaining empty space is the place where the gasoline tank was located before which is in front of the original motor. At first it seemed to be an easy task to fit all the devices in there but when we added all the square tubs and the neccesary spacing for the water cooling and wiring between the devices the room got quite small quickly! But in the end it seems like we have found a solution to put everything in there! See the pictures below…

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