Power wiring

After much constructional work with the motor suspension (parts are ordered and being processed) I continued with the power electronics rack. All power electronic devices (inverter, charger, dcdc) are connected to the high voltage DC link in the so called power distribution unit (PDU). The battery brings 400VDC and it is distributed to all devices through fuses. All of the power cables are shielded to reduce EMI (electromagnetic interference) and it takes a lot of time to connect the shield correctly to the housings of the cable glands. In the meantime the DC connections from inverter, charger and DCDC to the PDU are finished. The power electronics rack is not yet finished though, what needs to be done is: water cooling tubes, signal wiring and minor metal works and painting of the frame to protect it against corrosion. But it seems like the cooling circuit is better done later when the rack is inside the car, because then I can see where there is space left for routing the tubes.

What is also left to do is the third and last battery pack. It is the one which will be sitting above the motor in the back of the car. It will contain the ‘brain’ of the battery, meaning precharge circuit, battery management central and dc contactors. I started with the placement of the devices and the internal power wiring (everything is done with 35mm^2 copper cables).

It feels now a bit like all the parts of the puzzle are joining together. It will still take a lot of work for the last parts, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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