Project Schedule

Date Milestone Done
June 2013 The car is found and bought!
July –
August 2013
We test the car in old ‘gasoline’ fashion
October –
November 2013
Removal of engine, small reparation works
December 2013 CAD construction of battery packs
January 2014 Buying the LiFePO battery cells
January 2014 Service works and modification in the gearbox for two gear operation
February 2014 Battery boxes get laser cut from aluminium sheets, are bent and welded
March 2014 Finishing gearbox modification and replacing parts subject to wear. Thank you very much Toni!
March 2014 June 2014 Preparing adapter parts for drive train and combining electric motor with gear
April 2014 September 2014 Construction of rack to hold power electronics components
March 2014 October (!) 2014 Assembly and mounting of the underbody battery boxes to the car
April 2014 December 2014 Mounting motor and gear into the car
June – July 2014 January – February 2015 Assembly of power parts, cooling system, low voltage, beginning of commissioning
February 2015 Finishing works, going on first test ride!

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