The Project


The E-SYNCRO is a private non-profit project ran by the team. The goal is to create a versatile electric vehicle that can be used for travels to remote areas, and eventually helping out people in need by supplying electrical power.

Electrification of a classic Volkswagen Transporter T3

Instead of buying an electric vehicle off the shelf we wanted something more suited to our needs and of course also something with more style. The VW T3 syncro comes in perfectly due to its big ground clearance, high cargo load and massive amount of room inside. It can carry all you can think of with a footprint of a regular car that fits every parking lot!


  • Electric motor drive system with up to 100kW
  • Top speed 130km/h
  • Battery capacity 50kWh LiFePO4
  • Ultrafast charging system – charging from 20% to 100% in less than two hours!

Mobile power supply

The massive amount of electric energy stored on board can be used to power electric appliances out in the middle of nowhere, replacing diesel generators.


  • Supplying 230V AC power with 6kW
  • Bringing electrical power to remote areas
  • Building a mobile operation center for emergency cases and catastrophes where the power grid fails or no grid is available
  • More flexible and easier to transport than heavy diesel generators

Self-contained solar power generation

Mobile electrical power